The Democracy Cafe

I intend to use this site for my BLOG for My Business.  (Applying for Australian Business Naming  rights )

   This is a Business called "The Democracy Cafe"

   My Democracy Cafe is a small business in a Democracy that is run according to best practice for, by and from Democratic/Equality truths.       

   It is a place were Public Service Authority and its truths as Laws are followed and communicated for the present Government Services needs of  a designated Community. and,  

   It is a Place where Equality by Business Management process;- as non Government Public Servants - is displayed for the benefit of all.

   This place will be a Business to show how to create jobs in the community for the Business and all customers using Equality. 

   This better Democracy Café located in a Council community will be an example to show how to become an Equality based State community and Equality based Federation communities and then;- by example -show other  World communities how to use Equality to become better Communities.