Alan Menadue

I often see that the society is failing and run for Parliament to try and change bad laws ;- as  I don't see any Candidates that understand Democratic Process.


I am standing here for MULGRAVE as a shamed and ashamed Australian as I have (and I know many others) recently been falsely accused, and.- a court case begun without my knowledge -  of a continuing Investigation of a Crime with  a possible 10 years jail.  The Government and its Departments has insisted that I am guilty until I can prove that I am innocent.   This is not Democracy and  is actually the reverse of Democracy.

I Alan Max Menadue grew up in country Victoria and went to Wunghnu Primary School and Numurkah Secondary School. 

I have been lived in Prahran Public Housing for 10years:- which continually gives me the  passionate to represent - from  the "bottom up" this largest group of people and  by helping them I will help all members of  Victoria, and,

I have 2 adult children and 2 grandchildren living in Victoria and I am passionate about making sure their futures are secure, and,

I have previously Represented my country In the Australian Defence Force  as a Sergeant in RAAF Supply : - managing a joint RAAF and Public Servant  workforce involved in the Contract, Finances, Acquisition and Disposal of RAAF aircraft components , and,

On  Honorable Discharge I was a Contractor to the Defence Force in Supply and Logistics Analysis which is a Project Management role for Major Defence Projects, and,

For 30 years I have found that all Government employed persons are Public Servants and as a whole are not doing there sworn job which is to at all times to be looking after me (and therefore probably not looking after most of you) and they do not work as a team which creates this lack of cohesion. 

The Governments  have been  creating  confusing Legislation. 

The Government as a whole is NOT being held accountable for these ongoing failures.

  I have  analyzed the reason for many of the multiple failures in my life down to Government/ Public Servant lack of functioning together  - and therefore reverse these Governing Failures and change Laws one by one until all of the Laws  stands up for every one, and,

  I am not interested in joining any Political Parties Groups or any so-called Political "Single Issue" Party Groups, and,

In any Elections I will not be giving preferences to Political Parties: - as Groups working for the benefit of their unequal Groups are at the heart of the Inequality of Society Problems.

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