Overview:           A STATE ELECTION is about the last 4 years and the interpretation of the voter as to whether this was a time when EQUALITY of outcomes was truthfully given for individuals.  Also, the voter decides on the character of the Candidates that have put themselves forward to help shape the next 4 years and beyond for EQUALITY from SOCIETY, using the Democratic Principle for Government.


  1. the Parliamentary Representatives change the mixture of LAWs for the Individual, which are then,
  2. processed meticulously BY AUTHORISED PUBLIC SERVICE GROUPS, and which are then,
  • JUDICIALLY scrutinized so that no anomalies are found regarding all current laws from society regarding EQUALITY


The great advantage I would have to create EQUALITY is that I would be able to VOTE in PARLIAMENT with INTEGRITY – meaning that I would have CONSCIENCE VOTE on EVERY piece of LEGISLATURE.  It is not hard to find voters who dislike some policies of all registered Political Parties – so to try to find the best EQUALITY is to find an Independent who understands EQUALITY and Democratic Representation.





I will give a couple of ideas that I have noticed worked in the past to achieve some measure of EQUALITY by AGE,


        1 – 18 Years


                        EQUALITY of Nurturing; All children must have access to childcare and schooling – there cannot be a fee structure                             

that creates INEQUALITY.

As childcare is part of a child’s Nurturing and Education it stands to reason that the staff are trained and paid Full-Time Public Service Rates of Pay.   If a student lives more remotely then more co-operation between Government Departments i.e., Education, Transport, Community Health workers etc. must be organized and all children/adolescents helped to develop a sense of their opportunities when reaching 18 and adulthood.  



16 – 18 Years

EQUALITY of opportunity for School leavers, PRIVATISATION OF SERVICES and increase in PUBLIC ENTITIES (why are they not Public Servants?) HAS TAKEN MANY OF THESE JOBS AWAY FROM SCHOOL LEAVERS

18 -25 Years

The idea that sought of happened when I was a School Leaver was school leavers were given EXAMS which gave them exclusive entry into FEDERAL, STATE (and in some cases – COUNCIL) Public Service Administration jobs at various starting wages for the school Leavers.  At the same time as the State entry to the Public Service; as the Public Service is by far the biggest employer in Victoria and Australia this opens jobs for 25% of School Leavers to start careers - there were also various Traineeships, Nursing Training and Apprenticeships offered to School leavers to start careers in the many jobs in the APPROX. 75% Private Sector jobs.


University students graduating were also given exclusive entry to the Public Service at a higher Income rate than High School leavers. Teachers, Scientists etc.   Also, by individual selection careers in the areas of Defence Force (ARMY, NAVY, and AIR FORCE) Firefighters, Customs Ambulance etc. started in Public Services

25-40 Years

EQUALITY of opportunity for all Residents full Employment, children, and home ownership:

The idea that I noticed in my parents’ days was that a Minimum WAGE ACTUALLY WAS A FAMILY INCOME, and this Income was so high for all single workers that there was only a need for one Full-Time worker per family to work in one job rather than in 2-4 jobs.  This would not have restrictions on minimum hours worked for this job – and would allow for overtime to be worked – if needed – by either partner at this or another job).    This allowed time and Money to raise Families (even from 18 years)


EQUALITY of opportunity for all adult Residents to use the 25% gross of Income for rental the same as in subsidized Public funded Housing, leading to earlier Home Ownership

This idea that I noticed growing up in country Victoria and living in Public Housing for a short time was that the Private rental Market and Investment Property market were controlled by the number of Public Housing dwellings – not the increasing private rental cost that are occurring without this market share by Public Housing.  Also, I have noticed and that the turnover from Public Housing – for those working and saving – was much quicker from this lower (than now) proportion of Income being spent on accommodation – leaving more for an individual and couples to buy their own homes quicker



Equality of opportunity for country residents to be able to travel in difficult present rising costs of car travel.   

The idea I noticed growing up in country Victoria was that virtually every region of the State had Railway Stations to their smaller communities – I believe as many as 100 more Statewide stations than today If these could be replicated and electrified, then country living would possibly be far easier for the non-drivers now and in the future in State country areas.   This highlights the fact that all REGIONS (8) in Victoria must have EQUALITY of Govt. employees as Infrastructure for Services as well as EQUALITY of maintained roads, waterways, and sewerage floodways etc.  Infrastructure.


Equality of Opportunity in the School Leavers, Minimum Wages as Minimum Income, travel, early Home Ownership and early families has been the reason for Australia’s Wealth and leads to early Retirement and the handover of making wealth to the next Generations; - but I see the core problems of non-EQUALITY creating problems for my children and  Grandchildren

I have other experiences that could help our SOCIETY/s become more focused on EQUALITY at various age levels in our SOCIETY/s.


In CONCLUSION: My great hope – and reason for standing for Parliament - is that these ideas might become debated in the mainstream and quickly help create more certainty for wonderful and diverse society of people working together in a happier and more harmonious place.


authorized by: Alan Menadue

67/25 King Street, Prahran Victoria 3181